A balanced and easy approach to healthy living.


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Being healthy and nourishing my family is a labor of love. I am a Certified Health Coach, and have been researching and living a healthy lifestyle for two decades. As a result, I have lots of practical tips and knowledge to share with you. Not just about food, but also about natural remedies and supplements, creating toxin-free home environments, safe products for babies/kids, and more!

I also have a PhD from Yale, which means I am an research maven! I can read studies across different fields–medicine, toxicology, epidemiology–to track down the evidence behind health and environmental claims. I read these, so you don’t have to! Everything I write is backed up by evidence, and I provide links to resources and studies so you can see the data for yourself. I’ll help distill all the information down for you so it’s less overwhelming. 


Eating and being clean has made me more in tune with my body and its needs. It’s also helped me cut certain cravings that were destructive for my health. It’s improved the quality of my life, because I no longer suffer from pains and other issues that used to plague me. I have seen firsthand how a healthy diet and cleaner home environment supports the immune systems of every member of my family, including my two kids, who rarely get sick and bounce back quickly when they do.

If you want to make small changes with big impact on how you feel, then you’ve come to the right place! In my blog, I make things simple. I’ll raise your awareness about important concerns you should know about, but I’ll always provide suggestions of what to do, so you are empowered to make better choices. I will give you easy tips and recipes, too. I will help you lead a more balanced, cleaner, and healthier life!

Welcome to homehealthlove! I hope you stay awhile…and I’d love to hear your feedback!

-Angelika, PhD

And now for the legal mumbo jumbo….

Affiliate Disclosure:

This blog is a labor of love. I found myself recommending products that I use myself and genuinely think are beneficial. As a result, I have started to use affiliate links to support my blog, research, and the free content I provide. I will only recommend products that I would use myself, and, unless otherwise noted, all reviews are of products I have purchased myself and I have not been compensated in any way. I am currently an affiliate of Amazon.com and Thrivemarket.com. I do a lot of my shopping on these web sites because they provide the  best prices on many items.

Medical Disclaimer:

By using the website, you agree that the information on this website does not constitute medical or other professional advice. Do not consider the website to be a substitute for obtaining medical advice from a qualified physician. The information on the website may be changed without notice and is not guaranteed to be complete, correct or up-to-date, though I will revise the blog if the most current developments contradict what has been previously written.

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