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For Halloween: Safe, Lead-free Face Paint for Kids (Coupon Code, too!)

Many of us are aware that house paints once contained lead, but few of us realize that Halloween face paints can contain lead and other heavy metals. The FDA does not test makeup to ensure that it is free of heavy metals and few retailers list all the ingredients on packaging. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not identified a safe blood lead level in children, and even low levels of lead in blood have been shown to affect IQ and cognitive functioning. In sum: Lead is a known neurotoxin.

Back in 2009, Healthy World, Healthy Child, a non-profit affiliated with the Environmental Working Group (EWG), “tested 10 face paints for heavy metals and found lead in every one of them…Six of the face paints contained nickel, cobalt or chromium, all heavy metals that can cause skin allergies.” They also found that product labels gave misleading information. “Some claimed to be ‘hypoallergic,’ even though they were made with known skin allergens.” You can read the campaign’s full report, published in 2009, here. I wish that I could share a more recent laboratory analysis of face paints, but I have not found a similar study that was conducted more recently. Even Senator Schumer of New York took up the cause of warning families of the potential dangers of certain Halloween Make-Up last week in a statement which said,

“Halloween makeup and face paint, often made in China, can contain heavy metals like lead, nickel, cobalt and chromium which could pose a serious danger to the children wearing it. Currently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not conduct routine testing of novelty cosmetic products or face paints and the agency needs to do more to enforce the packaging regulations that require companies to include the full list of ingredients. While lead is banned from makeup in Canada and Europe, it is not currently banned from makeup sold in the United States. Schumer explained that this lack of regulation means that many parents are exposing their young children, and even themselves, to products that contain harmful metals, like lead.”

The solution to the problem is to buy safe face paint for your kids. There are brands that pledge they do not use lead and other heavy metals in their products.

Elegant Minerals is one great option. Their makeup and face paints do not contain potentially harmful products like heavy metals, parabens, fragrances, or synthetic dyes. GOOD NEWS: YOU CAN GET THEM BEFORE HALLOWEEN…and at a special discount I secured for Home Health Love readers! Two ways to order:

  1. Amazon: they have several available kits on Amazon, including the Angel Fairy Princess set, the SCI-FI Robot set, or the Fantasy Butterfly set.
  2. From their web site: Order HERE.  Enter coupon code Halloween15 for a 15% discount. They offer several expedited shipping options. If you order from their site before 4pm CST, they will ship out the face paints that day. Select Priority Shipping for 2-day shipping for $6.50 to get it before October 31st! (Overnight shipping is $19.50. If you need same-day/expedited shipping contact them at 719-205-4480 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST or include in the comments section on the site).

15 Colors Natural STACKABLE Face Paint Makeup Kit - R

Another option is Go Green Face Paint, which you can buy on AmazonFace paint - Certified Organic Face Paint for Kids, No Lead Paint in Stacking Jars, Even for the Most Sensitive Skin, Best for Parties, Halloween and Sporting Events, Makes Your Favorite Halloween Designs even Better, Made in USA.

Whichever option you buy, do your research, first. Read the product description and call the manufacturer if you have any doubts, and…Have a SAFE and fun Halloween!

P.S. This is an unbiased review. I am not receiving any reward from any of the manufacturers recommended above.

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The Best Water Bottle…& Free Giveaway!

For me, finding the right water bottle is like finding the right car–it’s a life-changing decision! I carry my water bottle around with me everywhere I go, even around my own house, because it’s a spill-proof way to keep water nearby. H20 is crucial to proper body function and feeling thirsty means that the body is already dehydrated. (I also get headaches when I’m dehydrated, so drinking often is the difference between a good day and a terrible one!) I find that when I am constantly sipping I don’t need to worry about measuring my water intake to ensure I get my “eight glasses” for the day–so it’s one less thing to worry about.

I took me years of trying different brands and water bottles to find the right match, and I finally had my “AHA” moment when I stumbled upon ZULU One-Touch bottles at Target. Here’s my review and why I them love them so much.

NOTE: this is an unbiased review and I am not getting paid or otherwise rewarded to write it. I just happen to love this water bottle and wanted to share it with my readers, because, like I said, it changed my life!

  1. The bottle (and spout) are made of GLASS: I ditched plastic bottles years ago when there were concerns about BPA, and, more recently, concerns that chemical substitutes for BPA may also be dangerous. I tried stainless steel, but I didn’t like the metallic taste, and I also like to “see” my water–I drink it more often when I can see it, perhaps because it looks so clean and pure. Glass is safe, doesn’t leach or leave a residue, and doesn’t change the taste of water, so it’s my material of choice for drink and food storage. Zulu’s glass is “Certified BPA, Pthalates, PVC and lead free.” And you drink directly from the glass bottle rather than a plastic spout (as with many other water bottles), which is also important to some people.Zulu Atlas Beverage Bottle - Teal ( 20 oz )
  2. DURABILITY: almost all glass water bottles on the market are covered in silicone sleeves that prevent that from shattering when dropped. Of course, these sleeves are not 100% foolproof–if you drop a bottle with a certain amount of force (or throw it, as happened during one of my kids’ outbursts) it breaks. My Zulu bottles–my family has been through a few, so we’ve owned a bunch over the years–withstand a bunch of drops. This may be a result of their “extra thick” glass and “extra thick silicone bottom.” I found the Lifefactory and Ello water bottles to shatter more quickly–I did not do an official test, but this was my experience over repeated use. Zulu’s lids/spouts are more durable, as well. My Ello’s flip lid started to come apart within a week of use. Zulu’s lids are very sturdy.
  3. Virtually SPILL-PROOF: Though Zulu bottles come with the different tops, my favorite lid–the One-Touch–has the ability to “lock” closed, so it won’t pop open in your bag (as happened to me many times!). This locking function is so smart and I don’t know why other brands haven’t copied it yet!
  4. The One-Touch top is SUPER FUNCTIONAL: I need to be able to open the bottle with one hand, so I can drink water while I am driving or holding a kid (or anything else). You just squeeze the large “button” on the top and it flips open. Ello has a similar top–but it doesn’t lock to prevent spills and it breaks easily (see #2 above). There’s also a loop attached to the lid, which I use to hang on my stroller hooks.
  5. GREAT PRICE: Ranging $12.99-14.99 (depending on the lid type), they are cheaper than many other options on the market. Find them at Target stores and target.com (they’re much more expensive on Amazon!).
  6. They LOOK GOOD: They come in a range of cool colors.

Try them our and let me know what you think! You can read more about the bottles on Zulu’s site.


I contacted Zulu and they offered to do a FREE GIVEAWAY! Two readers will get a free Zulu water bottle in their choice of color and with their choice of top. See my Facebook page for details! Giveaway period ends on 3/20/15 @ 11:59pm.