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How to Take Your Smoothie On-the-Go

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Cute little boy drinking a green smoothe

Readers of my blog may recall how enthusiastic I was when I finally found the RIGHT water bottle to fit all my daily needs (I schlep one with my everywhere!). Well, the search has been on for finding the right on-the-go smoothie container, and I’ve just found it, so I thought I’d share!

I like to keep my water bottles for just water, so I don’t have to worry about washing out sticky fruity stuff. For smoothies, I need something that will not spill, will fit in my cup holder in the car, keep my drink cool, and hold a nice-sized portion of smoothie along with a straw (the best way to sip!).

So, when I walked into an organic juice bar recently and they served me my smoothie in a mason jar with a straw coming through the lid, I had my smoothie AHA moment! This was it: since mason jars are made of glass, there’s no leaching from plastic. Also, no more spilling my smoothie when drinking it from a cup! And it’s super on-the-go, as it fits into my car’s cup holder and even the one in my stroller (though you will have to check yours). Plus, glass is super super easy to clean in the dishwasher, and you can throw out the straw (though I often use a re-usable straw to reduce waste). If you want to keep it nice and cool, throw in some ice cubes!

Here’s a photo of my smoothie in a mason jar (in front of my car because I am, as usual, on-the-go!):

2015-06-02 09.21.40

Want one??? They are cheap and easy to make. You can buy a pack of mason jars from Amazon, Target, or other stores. (Share a pack with a friend and/or make enough containers for the whole family!) Mine is a 24 oz. Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jar–it’s the perfect size and fits into my car’s cup holder. Then, all you have to do is use a single-hole puncher or drill to make a hole in the lid and voila–instant smoothie vessel!! These cute jars are also great for other iced drinks and for entertaining!

Or, if you want to just buy on that is ready-made, here are two options you can buy on Amazon for less than $15:

If you prefer, you can also buy mason jars with a handle, like the boy is holding the photo, above, but these may not fit in your car’s cup holder. And, mini-disclaimer: these smoothie jars are for adults and bigger kids, since they are made of glass. Use your judgement when giving them to younger kids. My littles are sipping smoothies out of their plastic or stainless steel cups for the time being.


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