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How to Make your Own (Natural) Swiffer WetJet Solution

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I bought my Swiffer many years ago when I got married, used it a bunch, and then stopped. Why? Although it’s a really convenient and easy way to clean floors, I became bothered by Swiffer’s chemical-laden solution, which, by the way, also has a very strong scent that lingers for a long time after cleaning.

Then, it finally dawned on me: why not make my own solution and pour it into an empty Swiffer bottle?! Finally, the answer to my problem–if only all of life could be this easy! 🙂 And, there’s a double bonus to doing it yourself: not only is it healthier to make your own cleaning solution, but you save a lot of money!

Here’s how you can do it, in just a few minutes of your time:

1. Remove the cap: I had a years-old empty Swiffer solution bottle still in my WetJet. I removed the empty bottle and tried to pry the cap off, which was a bit difficult. I used plyers to do it, and it worked! Another alternative I’ve read about is submerging the cap under hot water for 30-60 seconds and twisting it off with a towel. Either way, you will be able to remove it! Clearly, the executives at Proctor & Gamble do NOT want you making your own solution!

Swiffer Wetjet Spray Mop Floor Cleaner Open Window Fresh Scent Multi-Purpose Solution, 42.2 OZ, 2 Bottles

2. Make your own solution: There are so many ways to make homemade cleaning solution! I do it very simply for my floors: I used only distilled white vinegar and water. Easy-Peasy! Proportion-wise: I pour about 25% vinegar and then fill up the rest of the bottle with water. The proportions are not an exact science,and I’ve seen floor cleaner recipes vary from just about 1/4 cup vinegar to a bucket of water to about a 50/50 split. Experiment and see what works for you, but I like to go a little heavier on the vinegar for a more powerful solution.

Done, that’s it! Some people like to add a few drops of essential oil (like lavender or orange) to create a nice scent. When you mop with this solution, it will smell like vinegar for a few minutes. But rest assured–the smell quickly dissipates, and the solution dries quickly, making your floors ready-to-use within minutes of cleaning!!

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant, by the way, and I use it to clean almost all surfaces and floors. Warning: avoid using on marble (apparently, it can eat at the stone, though I haven’t witnessed this personally after using it on my marble counter tops) and hardwood floors (it can strip them). For these surfaces, you may consider just using water and a few drops of dish soap.

Happy cleaning!

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